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Client & Supporter Comments

The following testimonials have been sent to us over the years about our programs and services. The names of supporters and workshop sponsors are provided with their approval. To honour confidentiality we do not publish the names of individual clients.

Supporter Comments

"I chaired Barry Yeates’s interview board and he ranked first in his Foreign Service entry year class. When I heard about the training company he set up after leaving government, I referred a number of serving and prospective Public Service and Foreign Service people to him for help, with good results."
Glen Shortliffe,
Former Clerk of the Privy Council

“Your service provides the best advice available anywhere on Foreign Service and government-wide recruitment.”
George Rejhon, Former Director General, Recruitment/Human Resources Bureau, and General Director, Task Force on Central and Eastern Europe, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

“There is no question that your programme was well received… and no doubt in my mind that we need a service such as yours at this College.”
Tony Macoun—Rektor
Red Cross Nordic United World College, Norway, and
Former Director, Lester B. Pearson United World College of the Pacific (Victoria), and
Headmaster, Ashbury College (Ottawa)
“Of particular interest [at this year’s foreign policy conference] was the session offered by Barry Yeates on Paths to International Careers. Useful guidance, helpful tips, practical information, and strategic advice for new entrants to the labour force were the hallmarks of this presentation."
J.H. Taylor—Chancellor, McMaster University,
Former Undersecretary of State for External Affairs


Client Comments

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