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Public Service Exam Prep (a division of FSECC Inc.) provides comprehensive study materials and training as follows:

  • Test preparation materials for individuals for government entry-level and promotion competitions
  • Application, written test, telephone or personal interview counselling and simulation coaching to experienced professionals in or outside government seeking career advancement or career change
  • Workshops on government and international opportunities sponsored by educational institutions, conferences and employment centres

Established in 1984, we serve clients across Canada and citizens living abroad. We are the only organization that offers an informed, extensive array of international career development expertise and training.

Tests & Interview Prep: prepares candidates for most of the ongoing and annual online and written competitions for federal government jobs.

Personal Career Coaching: provides a valuable edge to professionals in government, non-governmental, multilateral, academic, legal and corporate sectors who are competing for highly sought-after positions, and to government officers and executives who include our programs in their learning plan to help enhance their credentials for lateral assignments and promotions.

We provide personal training for EX and non-EX interviews; SELEX, Simulation, In-Basket and Written Test coaching; Recruitment of Policy Leaders (RPL) and Advanced Policy Analyst Program (APAP) application and interview preparation; tailored Resumés and Cover Letters that meet job poster and statement of merit requirements; and one-on-one Reference Coaching, Debriefing, Presentation Skills and International Careers Training.

Career Development Workshops: inform students, instructors and counsellors about the wide spectrum of government and international employment opportunities, and how to pursue them. Our International Careers Workshops have been sponsored by professional development associations, universities, and international baccalaureate and independent secondary schools.

Why Trust Our Services?

We are the only career coaching firm that specializes in helping candidates understand and advance in government, multilateral organization and international NGO hiring and promotion competitions—from entry level to executive level.

No service offered by government, universities or the private sector—past or present, in North America or abroad—matches our expertise or coaching record over the past 25 years. The success rate of our clients in institutional hiring and promotion processes attests to the high quality preparation we provide. Please take the time to read the testimonials sent to us by clients and supporters displayed under Client & Supporter Comments [click here].

For additional information on what we do and why we know how to help you, see our List of Standard Programs and Services [click here], About Us [click here] and the Profile of our Director [click here].

Si vous avez des questions en français, n'hésitez pas à communiquer avec nous, et nous nous ferons un plaisir de vous aider personnellement. Nous regrettons de ne pouvoir offrir la trousse ainsi que les autres services pour les examens gouvernementaux en français.




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