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Statement of Interest

Most government job competitions—certainly for entry-level officer positions, and often for promotions as well—require candidates to submit a written statement-of-interest when applying. The length varies depending on the Department or Agency involved, and in some cases more than a single statement is demanded: one to explain your qualifications for the position, another for competencies you have demonstrated relevant to the work.

Our Statement of Interest Counselling helps you deliver what is needed. We assist you to make sense of the various government documents which refer to the position(s) you are seeking, provide a proven method to develop and construct your defining statement, send you a detailed editorial review of your initial draft, and conclude with personal telephone coaching on the final text before you submit it.

Counselling Overview

During the 2.5 hour session covering our pre-work and personal coaching you will benefit from:

  • Informed advice on the purpose and evaluation of statements-of-interest
  • Precise instruction on which government documents to rely on in planning your statement(s)
  • An analytical framework which draws out your assets in relation to specific job requirements
    Tips on what to avoid including, and how to use your writing time and the space available to your advantage
    A detailed, annotated critique of your initial draft statement
    A telephone consultation to finalize your statement carefully before you submit it in the competition

Who Can Benefit from the Tutoring?

Candidates who want to understand government personnel requirements properly, get expert, objective advice on written submissions for hiring or promotion competitions, and submit a solid and persuasive account of their background will benefit from our service.

Why Use Our Services?

We are the only career coaching firm that specializes in helping candidates understand and advance in government, multilateral organization and international NGO hiring and promotion competitions—from entry level to executive level.

No service offered by government, universities or the private sector—past or present, in North America or abroad—matches our expertise or placement record over the past 25 years. The success rate of our clients in institutional hiring and promotion processes attests to the high quality training we provide. Please take the time to read the testimonials sent to us by clients and supporters displayed under Client & Supporter Comments [click here].

For additional information on what we do and why we know how to help you, see our List of Standard Programs and Services [click here], About Us [click here], and the Profile of Our Director [click here].


One-on-one counselling by telephone to develop one Statement of Interest:

  • Calls from within Canada $325 Cdn (materials included) + applicable taxes
  • Calls from the U.S. and Abroad $325 Cdn (materials included/no taxes)

Note: Coaching to develop and critique more than one statement requires additional time and a supplementary fee. Please call us to discuss your needs.

Long-distance consultations are carried out only on calls placed by clients. Times can be arranged to take advantage of discount rates and international time zones.

Further Information

Please Contact Us [click here] to set up an appointment.





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